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    fiammetta Guest

    Full name for nickname Pip?

    Besides Philip...I just can't get behind Philip/Phillip for some unknown reason.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Pipin not a fan of Philip myself

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    Crispin! Crispin is in my Top Five for boys at the moment, and when I saw a fellow Berry suggest the nickname Pip, I fell even more in love.

    Peregrin/Peregrine, too. If you nickname Peregrine Pippin, like the the hobbit Peregrin Took from "The Lord of the Rings," Pip follows naturally.

    Pip could potentially work for any number of P names--Peter, Perrin, Percival, etc. Some would be more of a stretch than others.
    Best wishes! I think Pip is adorable.
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    Caspian nn Pip would be really cute!

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    I always liked Pipkin after the boy from one of my favorite movies Halloween Tree his NN is Pip.
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