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    Faye Clementine. I also like Faye Gemma but I feel like it's too abrupt.

    How about Faye Amelia or Faye Beatrix?

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    Double barreling Faye would be super sweet... You can put another middle after it.

    To me "Faye Lee" sounds like a cute nickname in itself, like one name almost. Faye Leigh if you want a fuller look.

    Faye Lee Juniper (My favorite)
    Faye Lee Clementine

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    It's always hard for me to use a one syllable name as a first name and not a middle name, the flow just isn't there for me. I love the name Rex for a boy but can't think of anything that sounds good as the middle name with such a short first name. I have always gone by my middle name and it hasn't been a big deal, I would make it a middle name. Faye is very cute though.

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    The first thing that popped into my head was Faye Ophelia. I love the soft, subtle aliteration here.

    Faye Eloise is really pretty!

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    Thank you all so much for your replies!

    Most people liked Faye Eloise, and I agree that the flow is great.

    I am also considering some of the double-barrel names that were suggested - especially Faye-Rose, as Rosemary was also on our name list.

    And Wattle, I also love the subtle alliteration of Faye Ophelia. Definitely going to be adding that to the list!

    We are naming after the matriarch of our family and a holocaust survivor, so using the name as exactly as possible takes precedence over my own pet peeve of 1:1 syllable names.

    You have all given me many more options than I thought I had
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