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    Middle name for Faye...


    We are will be naming our third child (due Dec 15) after a recently deceased family member whose name begins with "F".
    Last name is 1 syllable, sounds like Batch, but with a "V".
    Older brothers are Alexander and Oliver.

    We have settle on the boy name - Frederick Charles.

    We are having trouble finding a good middle for our girl name, Faye. We are not so into the 1 syllable first and last, but is is important to honour this lovely lady as directly as possible.
    If we were not naming for anyone, she would be Violet or Beatrice.

    Our current options:
    Faye Juniper (can also honour another family member, June)
    Faye Clementine (guilty pleasure)
    Faye Gemma (another direct honour name)
    Faye Cecily
    Faye Eloise (love, but too popular here to use as a first name)

    What are your favourites and do you have any other suggestions?
    Thank you!!

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    Welcome to Nameberry! I think Faye Eloise is beautiful. You may want to consider a double-barrel first name to break the single-syllable flow of the first and last names. You could make a hyphenated name easily out of any of the names listed above, or you could add some new names in:

    Faye-Rosa Eloise Batch
    Faye-Ellen Cecily Batch
    Faye-Jeanette Cecily Batch
    Josie-Faye Juniper Batch
    Mira-Faye Juniper Batch
    Mila-Faye Juniper Batch
    Lyla-Faye Juniper Batch
    Mary-Faye Clementine Batch

    Good luck!

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    I like the idea of a double-barrel, Alzora!
    I would like to keep the first name as just Faye, but I would consider names like:

    Faye Elizabeth called Faye-Beth
    Faye Annabelle called Faye-Belle

    Hmm...I'll get working on some more options like those!

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    I think Faye Clementine is beautiful! I normally like Faye first names to be followed by a vowel starting middle name like Faye Eloise (very beautiful choice!) but I think Faye Clementine is perfect! It just... works.
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