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    In order of preference
    1. Cecily Primrose
    2. Rosalind Maeve - not the best flow, but gorgeous enough that I can get over it
    3. Genevieve Matilda - Genevieve Mathilde would have a better flow
    4. Adelaide Pearl
    5. Aurora Jane - very pretty. Can't decide whether Jane is too straight-laced with Aurora or whether it balances it out
    6. Agatha June
    7. Katarina Jane - I prefer the Caterina spelling, personally
    8. Charlotte Juniper - the final 't' of Charlotte and 'j' of Juniper clash a bit, but I like both names very much.
    9. Edith Marlowe - nms, but I can see the appeal
    10. Poppy Clementine - a bit too 'cute' for me, personally.
    11. Isadora Renée - I'm still not able to find love for Isadora. Renée is pretty (this is my preferred spelling too), but I feel like Isadora would need a middle that is more feminine.
    12. Echo Theodora - Not really a huge fan of either name. Also, I usually like repetative sounds, but this is a bit 'o' heavey for me.
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    Adelaide Pearl - I like Adelaide, but Pearl is too old-ladyish for me.
    Agatha June - Dislike
    Rosalind Maeve - Meh.
    Edith Marlowe - Despise the name Edith, but Marlowe brightens it up.
    Isadora Renée - I prefer Isabella, but this is good, too.
    Aurora Jane - So pretty! My favorite so far. Rory would be a cute NN.
    Charlotte Juniper - This and Aurora Jane are tied for my favorite.
    Poppy Clementine - Meh.
    Genevieve Matilda - Never did like the name Matilda, but I like Genevieve.
    Cecily Primrose - Cute.
    Katarina Jane - Dislike
    Echo Theodora - Interesting in a good way

    Aurora Jane and Charlotte Juniper are my favorites.
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    Adelaide Pearl- very pretty and vintage-chic
    Agatha June- nice names but I don't really like them together... Agatha Jane or Matilda June?
    Rosalind Maeve- dramatic, stunning and refreshing
    Edith Marlowe- nice but not very feminine
    Isadora Renée- Isadora is very pretty and frilly, and love seeing the accent on Renée
    Aurora Jane- friendly, approachable, down-to-earth
    Charlotte Juniper- flow seems a bit off, but I love the classic Charlotte and spunky Juniper
    Poppy Clementine- way too cutesy
    Genevieve Matilda- I would switch them around, but partly because I like Matilda better than Genevieve. Matilda is a strong name but also feminine and elegant.
    Cecily Primrose- flowery, girly and lovely
    Katarina Jane- doesn't really stand out compared to your other names
    Echo Theodora- the very modern Echo and old-fashioned-chic Theodora don't work together for me

    I also love the suggestion of Gwendoline Marie!

    My favourites are Rosalind Maeve, Adelaide Pearl and Cecily Primrose. (Matilda Genevieve would be one of them too)
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