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    I also like Samantha. I get tired of people saying names are "dated" as if that's a bad thing. (Someday all these floofly names they come up with will be more "dated".) That it's not current just means it won't be on every other little girl she meets.

    So of the suggestions so far, I'd go with Samatha Jerry. Very cute now, and nice on a groun-up later too.

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    I love Samara as an alternative to Samantha.

    Amelia Jerry is my favorite from your shortlist.

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    I don't find it dated. In fact, I have been hearing a resurgence of Samantha in my area. I think it is sweet and feminine and sounds great with Isabella. I also like Amelia from your list. Actually, I quite like all your names, but Samantha and Amelia would be my picks.

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