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    Samantha alternatives?

    I'm a newbie here but I love this site so far! My DH and I are arguing on naming our daughter and have been since day one! HALP!

    So far we like Samantha. A lot! We want the name to go with Jerry, which I know if just a nickname of Gerald or Jerome but, we just want Jerry. We also need this name to go with our first daughter's name, Isabella. We don't want it to sound TOO similar and we'd like it to be longer than one syllable. But not a requirement. What we have so far...

    Samantha Jerry
    Alexandra Jerry
    Amelia Jerry
    Emilia Jerry

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    I have a few suggestions.
    First off, i feel that Samantha is way too dated, but... the rest of your names are wonderful!

    Here are some suggestions:
    Samira Jerry
    Emma/Emily Jerry
    Alexis Jerry
    Carley Jerry (maybe not this combo because of the ''i'' sounds at the end of both)
    Sasha Jerry (i think its the best of my suggestions and goes well as a sibset with Isabella)
    Zara Jerry (Isabella and Zara sound cute together as well)
    Siena/Sienna Jerry

    Good Luck!
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    Emilia Jerry
    Alexandra or Alexandria Jerry
    Miranda Jerry

    I like Emilia Jerry and Alexandra Jerry. Cute n n potential E.J and A.J. Alexandria Jerry flows well too or Miranda Jerry (n n M.J.).

    Hope that helps

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    GREAT suggestions so far! No one likes Samantha? I don't know why we both like it so much, and it's kind of neat to have Sammy as a nick or Jerry. I really like Emilia Jerry and Alexandria Jerry!

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