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    I agree with others that Samantha feels a bit outdated. But I think Amelia & Isabella work wonderfully together!

    Other ideas...

    Seraphina Jerry
    Adelina Jerry
    Lilliana Jerry
    Vivienne/Vivian/Viviana Jerry

    Good luck!

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    I actually like Samantha. It's cute, but not too cutesy. Works for a baby, but fits an adult.
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    How about Samaera? I'm personally not a fan, but it seems like your style. Spelling variations include Samara, Samaira, and Samayra.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with Samara (prn w/ mar rhyming with far). You can still have the darling nn Sammy, but it's a more exotic and unique choice. Although, personally I don't have a problem with Samantha. I also think Seraphina goes wonderfully.

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    I like Samantha, and don't feel it's too dated (it's less popular than it was at its peak in the early 1990s, but as of 2011 still in the Top 20). If you like it I think it's very doable! I also like Amelia (though beware it's likely to become more popular, unlike Samantha which like many past-peak names will probably steadily decline for awhile).

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