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    What do you think of Lydia?

    I was just wondering what everyone thought of the name Lydia? I'm currently expecting and was considering the name.
    I also need middle name ideas for Lydia. We've come up with Augusta and Cleopatra- any suggestions?
    We thinkwe would like a girly middle name.

    Violetta-Augusta (yes, that's where we got the idea from shhh i rarely tell anyone my name is double-barrelled!)

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    The name Lydia always reminds me of ladybugs. I think it's cute! Lydia Augusta and Lydia Cleopatra both end in "a" not a fan. The first combo I thought of was Lydia Collette. I like C middle names with Lydia, so
    Lydia Clare/Claire
    Lydia Charlotte

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    Love Lydia! It is a beautiful name with Biblical and literary connections. As for mn, do you have any family names to consider? Lydia Augusta is pretty, but doesn't seem super girly. Also, watch out for the initials with the last name (ex: LA? Could be LAY, LAG, LAD, etc.)

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    I want to like Lydia but thanks to someone I went to high school with all I think when I hear it is ... Lydia Chlamydia. Not a problem when they're young but potentially disastrous in the teenage years.

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    I think Lydia is beautiful. I've named characters Lydia, here are a few of the ideas I've had:

    Lydia Clementine
    Lydia Evangeline
    Lydia Genevieve
    Lydia Rosalie
    Lydia Corinne
    Lydia Mabel
    Lydia Scarlett
    Lydia Gwendolyn

    I hope this helps, and congratulations!!!

    Charlie Elizabeth | Eliot Lucie | Finlay Maeve | Lennon Grace | Maisie Larkin | Sadie Jane
    Amelie Rose | Ezri Madeline | Lily Harper | Olive Katherine | Violet Wren

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