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    As the mom of a 29-year-old "Tristan," I am tickled by everyone referring to "all the Tristans" and mentioning that a "Tristram" might have to keep explaining that he wasn't "Tristan." MY "Tristan" -- named well before "Legends of the Fall" -- had to spend some time explaining that he wasn't "Christian" (or worse yet "Kristen") because no one had ever heard his name. That did bug him a bit until he was around 18. I remember him then saying,"Wow, Mom, girls think my name is so romantic and cool!" Now he makes his living as a musician in a band and appreciates that the world has "caught up" with the name -- which is, indeed, a cool name for a musician. So -- although I personally think the "an" ending on "Tristan" sounds stronger than the "ram" ending on "Tristram," that could just be a function of my generation (with all the "Jasons" and "Justins.") So, I say go with whichever you prefer and let the world catch up. ;-) One other possible variation you might consider (and that we almost chose) is "Tristam." (Again, he might have to explain that the last letter of his name is an "m" and not an "n," but so what. It would make him sound fresher than being one of "all the Tristans" but -- to me -- has a sharper, crisper, less tongue-twister sound than the double-r of "Tristram.")

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