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    I think Tristan is so much easier to say! I don't like the two pronounced r's in Tristram (they just trip up the tongue) and I find the "ram" ending a bit unappealing.
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    I agree that he might have trouble if that is his first name since most people are familiar with Tristan and will assume that is his name.

    The other think is that it is just so darn hard to say! It might make a handsome middle though!
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    I feel like my mouth is closed the whole time I say it, like there isn't room for the vowels to come out. It just doesn't feel nice to say it. Tristan is much more open and crisp, but if you don't like that one then keep looking at similar names.
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    I feel like Tristan works better because Tristram is a bit of a tongue-twister.

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    I love the name Tristram! I like the way it looks on paper and the way it sounds, its a fresh break from all the Tristans i see. I would totally use it on a boy but alas i have family members named Tristan....
    I say, go for gold!
    The Tristan's in my family all have the nn Tristy, which could be used for Tristram too, i suppose? its a cute nn.
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