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    If you like all three variations I'd go with Tristan. I think the r sound flows so nicely and ends crisply with the n. The m in Tristam isn't as nice of a sound. Plus, is it pronounced "Trist-um" or "Trist-AM"? I think the pronunciation issues would be overwhelming- he'd spend a lot of time explaining his name.

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    I want to like it, but to me... it sounds like it would be the name of an allergy/sinus spray.

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    I'd go with Tristan. I'm a huge fan of medieval names, but Tristram just doesn't flow out of the mouth nicely--it's a bit clunky and hard to say.
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    I certainly see the appeal of Tristram, but I find it a bit difficult to say, like the phonetic flow is choppy. I don't think it sounds great to the ear, but I love the background of the name. Any others you like with that Arthurian feel?

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    I like Morgan for a girl and Genevieve . I love Tristram so much and my husband does too.

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