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    Sorry, but it sounds like a bacterial infection. Tristan is much nicer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    Sorry, but it sounds like a bacterial infection. Tristan is much nicer.
    Wow! Really!? xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinnamontime View Post
    Yes! See my husband and I love love love all the Celtic names and the Arthurian legends (Tristram was one of the knights who fell in love with Isuelt name is sometimes Isolde!)
    in a baby book I found - a really old one it said Tristram: (not to be confused with Tristan): Sorrowful and Tristan had a totally different meaning to Tristram! Isn't that strange?
    Yeah, I know, I'm kind of a Round Table nut

    Name books can say weird things. They are the same name, just different versions. And I think associations are more important than the actual meaning anyway; Tristan was a cool, romantic, spirited man and Tristram in the book I mentioned was awesome, so two good namesakes. It's not like the name means heartless sadistic baby murderer.
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    I don't really like Tristram, I feel it's a bit forced unlike Tristan.

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    Well, I like the way the name Tristram sounds, but I always think of Tristram Shandy, and unlike one of the readers above, I would NOT want my kid associated with that pre-post-mod work of literature/a very weird movie. So, because of that and only because of that, I would stay away.

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