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    I feel like Rhiannon and Guinevere don't work so well with your other kids' names.

    Lyric Rhiannon
    Lyric Aviana

    I LOVE Coralie, but none of your combos.

    Aspen Coralie
    Aspen Lyric
    Aspen Makenna

    Rowan Acacia
    Rowan Harper
    Rowan Faye

    Taryn Alyxia
    Taryn Coralie
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    I just want to say that I am in love with Evander Calix! Asher Tobias is also handsome, but Evander is just, oooo!

    Picking my favorites for each set of combos:

    Lyric Annemarie

    Coralie Aspen (close second: Coralie Claire)

    Rhiannon Acacia

    Aspen Veronica

    I can't pick an option for Rowan because it is not a girl's name to me! I know it's unisex, but I like it for boys!

    Guinevere Faye (Guinevere Ruby is a close second)

    Taryn Coralie - Taryn is too close to Taylee

    Your current girls are kind of spread out stylistically with Aubriella being very princess-y, Kaia being short, spunky, and modern, and the double-barreled Taylee-Rose with Taylee being very trendy and Rose being classic. With that in mind, I think Coralie Aspen works best (of the first names I like), though my favorite is most definitely Guinevere Faye.
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    My favourites are Rhiannon Claire and Rowan Claire; the other first names really don't appeal to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daisy451 View Post
    My favorites on the list are Rhiannon and Lyric. Here are my thoughts on the combos:
    Lyric Rhiannon- I love this, of course.
    Lyric Aviana- Aviana is pretty, but lacks substance for me. It's also rather close to Avalon and Aubriella, and it leaves Aubriella out as the only girl without an A-middle.
    Lyric Aspen- Not a fan of the first syllable of this name, and "pen" doesn't really make up for it.
    Lyric Ruby- Too many nouns.
    Lyric Annemarie- I really like this one. The classic Annemmarie really balances the more modern Lyric.
    Rhiannon Acacia- They sounds great together.
    Rhiannon Alyxia- I don't mind the classic spelling Alexia, but Alyxia looks more like a disease (dyslexia, asphyxia, anorexia)
    Rhiannon Claire- I love this! Very sophisticated.
    Rhiannon Coralie- After Rhiannon and Lyric, Coralie is my next favorite on your list. I prefer Coraline or Cora, but Coralie is nice as well and I think this is a good combo.
    Rhiannon Meadow- I like it. Meadow makes a good middle name.
    I hadn't really thought about that with Aviana. Personally, I don't think it's too similar to either Aubriella or Avalon, but since it's still an A name it does keep with the "theme" we have going already.
    Annemarie is actually a mix of my mom's middle name, Ann, and my middle name, Marie, so it has some family significance as well. I'm torn about using it, though, since none of our other kids has a family name at all.
    Alexia and Alyxia are not supposed to be the same name (although I find Alexia to be a beautiful name as well). I've heard all the rest of it before, but my hubby and I still like Alyxia.
    I think Coraline is neat, but I'm not really a fan of straight Cora.

    Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.
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