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    Lyric Rhiannon*
    Lyric Aviana
    Lyric Annemarie

    Coralie Ember
    Coralie Francesca*

    Rhiannon Acacia
    Rhiannon Claire*

    Aspen Coralie
    Aspen Veronica

    Rowan Acacia - would be my favorite, as like sessha said, they're both trees, which kind of bug me
    Rowan Claire
    Rowan Veronica
    Rowan Faye

    Guinevere Acacia
    Guinevere Ruby
    Guinevere Faye*

    Taryn Alyxia - I think this sounds the best of your Taryn combos, but I would prefer to match a more established name with Taryn
    Taryn Veronica
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    I had thought about the tree thing before with the Rowan Acacia combo, but I just think it sounds so sweet together that I don't mind it so much. Plus, not many people I know IRL would equate both the names with trees. Now, if I were to add to the sibset a sister named Willow Aspen then I think it would definitely be too much.
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