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Thread: Yolanda

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    Apr 2012
    Yolanda is a 70's name to me, nothing wrong with it, but if you are worried about it, why not suggest Violet (same meaning) ?

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    Or maybe stick to floral but with similar sound: Rosalie

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    I love Yolanda!!
    It's also a Pulp Fiction (movie) reference, that has cult status the famous line "Yolanda be cool!" Great english name it works across cultures

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    South Australia
    I don't know any Yolanda's but I'm not sure it's a name that you would find being used in Australia very often, but if she likes the name I would say leave it

    My in-laws have had a number of Chinese exchange students stay with them, I always wonder about their name choices. Some of them are very age appropriate and suit them really well, others not so much! Recently they have had 3 students, Angus, Nicole and Marvin. Angus and Nicole I thought really suit them but a 16 year old boy name Marvin in Australia? Every time he tells someone he meets his name is Marvin they always look shocked or ask him to repeat his name. He said he chose his name from a list of M names and it was the one that looked the nicest to him!
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    A bit dated, but sweet imo. Amanda has a similar flow, but a younger feel. If the girl is awkward perhaps a more common name like this would suit her better

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