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    Okay, so I teach in China, and often have students with bizarre/ outdated English names. Sometimes, I'm not sure whether or not the name is really that bad, or just not my taste. Pixie, Gemini, Candy, and Enn all had to change their names. After a conversation with Sharon, she decided to change to Tamsin (something a bit younger), and I decided Hans actually fits Hans...

    But the problem comes with Yolanda. She's quite overweight, very awkward, and her English is not so great. So, if I changed her name, it would need to be something easy (no more than 3 syllables, no 'th', and no consonant clusters like 'str'). My issue is that I've never actually known someone named Yolanda, and I personally find it to be a really unattractive, and almost awkward name. It almost makes her seem more awkward to me... but am I over thinking it?

    So I guess my question is: Does Yolanda need to be changed? Would you bat an eye if you met a young Yolanda? Is it an awkward name like I seem to think of it as? If you think it's not a good name, what would be a better option?

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