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  • Reagan (RAY-gan)

    26 59.09%
  • Teagan (TAY-gan)

    18 40.91%
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    Neither is my style but I prefer Teagan to Reagan (this name just reminds me of two things: the late President and a ray-gun). You should also consider Tegan which may help with your pronunciation of "tay-gun". Since they're both pretty boyish, I wouldn't use another unisex name like Mackenzie in the middle. Teagan Olivia or Teagan Victoria would be fine.
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    I voted for Reagan, but I really don't like this spelling or pronunciation at all. I much prefer the Shakespearean pronunciation of Regan (REE-gan). As for Teagan, I've never heard it pronounced Tay-gan. I'm not a big fan of it either way, but I think if you want to call her Tay-gan, you should change the spelling of Teagan because she'll most likely have to correct everyone she meets.

    Middle names:

    Reagan Olivia
    Teagan Victoria

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    I love Reagan! I find it really interesting! I do not like Teagan (sorry!) xxx

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    I prefer Teagan but I don't think you're going to get the pronunciation you want.
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    Nay gan. Sorry, I really detest both names. I think your middle names are much better. Victoria Reagan, Olivia Teagan might be a better option.

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