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    Post Girl named Liv go with last name?!

    Husband and I both love the name Liv Charlotte (nn Livy, LC, Charlie, etc)
    but our last name is UNDERWOOD and we are wondering if there is a possibility for teasing!
    What do you think? Is this name a dead end?

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    I don't think it will work. Have you thought about Olivia or Elizabeth instead?

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    we like olivia, but feel that the connotation is olive toned skin and we are PALE haha not to mention it is out of control popular

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    I've always wanted to use Liv for one of my future kids but the issue is, no matter what surname you have it can sound a bit odd because it's such a common word in the English language on it's own, something we use all the time. May I suggest using Livia and calling her Liv or Livy? That was my intention should I ever use the name. It has nice Ancient Roman connotations too Livia Charlotte would be beautiful!
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    Aww, that is a bit unfortunate. Have you considered something like Livia Charlotte, Livana Charlotte, Olive Charlotte, or Olivia Charlotte? I think you could still use the nn Liv, if she's not Liv Underwood all the time. Or even Lavinia Charlotte "Liv" or Elizabeth Charlotte "Liv". I've heard Liv is a Scandinavian form of Elizabeth/Elizaveta, so I think Elizabeth nn Liv could work.

    Good luck!
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