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    I'm not sure how Australia and England are on electronic gift registries but they aren't big in Germany and it's considerably harder to ask for very specific things without having a friend or relative mind that list.
    Ok, at first I was a little confused about everyone going on about birth & gift registries but I'm guessing it's something like what my cousins did for their wedding: they had a special gift list on John Lewis and if you wanted to get them a present, you looked it up online, bought something on their list and it was delivered to their house.

    That was the only time I've seen that happen but if that's what it is, I can definitely see positives. I wouldn't have a clue what to give a couple for a wedding present and I'd love to get them something they really wanted rather giving them something they've already got. However, with both wedding & baby presents, I'd still like the surprise personally. I think some of the best presents are the surprise ones And I find babies and children a lot easier to buy for than married couples!

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