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Thread: Baby Showers

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    No kids, but I've been to a few baby showers, so...

    1. I've only ever been to pre-baby showers, although I see the appeal of having one post-baby since everyone gets to meet your LO, but at the same time life is so hectic at that point it would probably be more of a hassle. I did know of one post-baby shower (I wasn't invited, it was a friend of a friend) but that was because she had previously had several miscarriages, including losing twins at 30 weeks. So for her it made sense.

    2. I don't think having multiple showers is necessarily "tacky" or "greedy", because I know for the most part baby showers like wedding showers are planned by the mom-to-be's family or friends, not her. So it's not like she's demanding people come to the shower and bring gifts for baby #2 or whatever. And really, who cares? I would never be offended at the chance to give a friend a small gift for baby... I do agree after the first baby though, showers should be much smaller, unless they're really far apart in age.
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    I never heard of a baby shower that didn't happen before the baby was born.... Usually you want to do them before so you don't have to stress over having to take a baby to the shower when you're just adjusting to the new little bundle.

    3 baby showers? Seems really unnecessary, especially since you should have all the items you need! It's inappropriate for her to be throwing it, but if someone else offered to, then no. I get maybe having a shower to celebrate, but then I wouldn't call it a shower. It's greedy because you are expected to bring a gift to showers. Now if she just wanted to share the news and celebrate her pregnancy, that's different.
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    I think it's very British (and Australian) to baulk at the idea of a baby shower. Expecting people to buy gifts in preparation for the baby and then to buy another gift after the baby is born? Too much. My SIL had one (the only one I've ever been to) and I thought it was a bit awkward. However, if it's just a celebration (no gifts, just a get together for friends), then that's fine, and you can have one for each pregnancy. That's pretty much what I'm planning on doing. I want to throw a party, but I don't want people to feel obligated to bring presents. Oh, and I just wanted to add, I've never heard of a mum having a "baby registry". I think it's very tacky for a wedding, let alone a baby! It seems greedy. Buy your own stroller! Lol.
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    1. I've only been to a baby shower before the baby was born. I've never heard of it after. I think that's kind of the whole point, to get stuff for the baby so you don't have to go out and get it yourself when you leave the hospital.

    2. Being 5 years apart, there probably shouldn't be another shower. The shower is really for the mother, not the baby. It's not like "it's only fair" to give both children a shower. I went to a shower for a woman who also had a 12-year-old from a previous relationship, but that's different. Her baby stuff was long gone. But 5 years is a lot smaller of an age difference. I think a second shower is unnecessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldielocks View Post
    2. Now I'm a little torn on this one. I had a big over the top crazy baby shower for Bugsy, thrown by my closest friends. Then my parents took a group out for dinner about 4 weeks before he was born. He was their first grandchild in 14 years so I guess he got a lot of attention. However I decided I didn't really need another shower for this baby, we have most of the stuff we need and anything we don't have, we have the capacity to buy ourselves, unlike 2 years ago. But then I felt that there are so many photos and memories of Bugsy's baby shower that this baby would be missing out. So, instead of a big party at a friends house, I took everyone out for lunch, around 20 people or so. I asked that in lieu of presents people donate to The Smith Family, it is a charity in Australia that helps disadvantaged children. It was a lovely way to have a celebration without going over the top. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, it was sophisticated and grown-up, unlike my first shower that was all games and blue and pink! So, I guess it's up to the individual, although I loved the way I did it, both babies get memories, just in a less consumer impacted way for the second.
    What @goldielocks did in lieu of a baby shower for her 2nd baby is absolutely wonderful. I love this idea. It's so sweet and so meaningful. That's the type of "non-shower" I'd love to participate in. It's the celebration of a baby without it being a "baby shower".

    I truly believe the traditional point of a baby shower is to acknowledge the woman's transition into motherhood (or the couple's transition into parenthood). It's something that is only done once.
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