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Thread: Baby Showers

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Yeah that sounds more like it. In my experience, the parents tend to help out beforehand with the bigger/more expensive things (car seats, prams, cots etc) then once the baby's here, all other family and friends may bring little pressies when they first meet him/her. Then they might get a little something again if the baby is christened.
    In my experience, it is the parents, grandparents, and closer family members who buy the more big ticket items. I would certainly never expect my friends to by something that expensive! Shower gifts tend to be stuff like clothes, blankets, diapers, bottles, etc.
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    1. I've been to several baby showers and just threw one for my best friend in early April. Every baby shower I have ever even heard abot has been pre-baby. I didn't even know people had them post-baby, ever.

    2. I think every mother is entitled to one per child, possibly more, as most people I know have at least two per child. I live in the Southern US though, so that may be why.

    3. I've seen that idea before and I always thought it was adorable

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    RE: showers for each pregnancy

    I have never heard of this before. I think it's rather tacky. The shower is for the mom, not the baby. Of course every baby should be celebrated! However, in the States, the baby shower is to celebrate the first-time mom and to help her and her partner prepare for their transition into parenthood. The celebration of the actual babies occurs when the babies are born, so with each birth, each baby is celebrated and smaller gifts are given. I am not sure how a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time mom could actually create a baby registry for gifts with a straight face. I honestly feel weird enough having my friends throw me a baby shower. My family lives across the country so the task falls on the shoulders of good girl friends, and I feel strange that they have to foot the bill for the party and that my friends all have to purchase a gift to give to me just to attend the party. I am trying to make myself feel better by reminding myself that pretty much all of my friends FORGOT my birthday in Feb., so the shower makes up for it

    Anyway, I love the idea of the children's books as shower gifts. Wish I'd heard of that before my invitations went out.
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    Most showers I've been to have been pre-baby (except when said baby decided to come early and change the plan!) I just had mine at 30 weeks and another small one (local this time) planned at 34.

    I don't plan on having showers for future's very much a first time mom thing to me. I do like when parents throw a little party for additional children though, kind of a casual "meet the baby" gathering for close family/friends.
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    I think a post-baby shower makes sense if you have people traveling to come. Mostly I think we have the shower pre-baby so that the parents can get everything put away and set up. Also, you can't be sure what you're going to get at the shower, so if you have the shower before the baby gets here, you know what you're going to need to buy. Maybe for those coming out of town, have a post baby welcome party?

    I think having multiple baby showers depends on need. I think it's tacky to have one for a 2nd or 3rd baby if you don't really need anything. But maybe the second baby is a boy and all you have is girly stuff or maybe you're having twins. I would imagine that after 5 years, your friend has gotten rid of a lot of her baby stuff.

    I wouldn't not go to a baby shower because it's my friends second or third baby. I would assume that she wouldn't register for stuff if she didn't need it.
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