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    1. Like others, I've never heard of a baby shower being given post-baby. I find the idea a little strange, but, eh, I guess it doesn't really matter.

    2. My best friend had showers for all three of her children. (But they were with different partners.) I thought it was great! Every baby deserves to be celebrated. When I was little, I came across pictures of my mom's baby shower when she was pregnant with me. I asked her where the pictures for my younger sister's shower were, and I remember being SO UPSET that she didn't get one. It just didn't seem fair. But there are other ways you can celebrate a baby than just a traditional shower if the mother feels awkward about asking for more gifts. Like others have mentioned, you can have a diaper shower, or I really like the idea of "sprinkles" that sweetpeacelove talked about. Or just some sort of party would be fine, and people can bring gifts if they felt like it. I just would really hate for one of my kids to experience the same sadness I felt when I found out that my sister's birth wasn't celebrated.

    3. Yes, it is a sweet idea! I went to a shower about a year ago where we were asked to bring a copy of our favorite children's book for the new baby. I loved that so much that I suggested to my best friend (who threw my shower) that she do the same when she sent out the invitations. We now have a nice little library of children books set up in the nursery.
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