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    Baby Showers

    Hey y'all! sister-in-law's baby shower is coming up soon, and aspects of it sure enough led to a huge discussion about what is appropriate or common in terms of baby showers.

    1. Pre or Post-baby? My SIL is having hers before the babies are born..hopefully! (she is having twins, and doctors told her she could go anywhere between June and shower is planned for late May). This has caused quite the stir in some of her relatives' eyes. They expect to see the little guys there, and some are going as far as saying they hope she goes really early, just so the twins can be at the shower. Which ticks me off to no end, because if the twins did come that early, they would certainly be kept in the hospital..not in their clutches. On the other hand, i can see why they would want the babies present...some of them may not be able to see the twins for quite a long time. Momberries (or others who have attended/thrown baby showers), did you have them before baby was born or after? If after, was baby there?

    2. One per mom? this isn't related to SIL, but some family friends, who are welcoming a new baby soon. They said alot of relatives are upset with her, calling her selfish because she is having another shower. This is their third child together, second son. He will be 5 years younger than his next closest sibling. Do you think it's okay for her to have another shower? Or just in certain cases (ex. 1st child with a new partner/large age gap between kids/financial reasons/etc.)?

    3. This isn't really a question..but I thought this was so cute! My brother and SIL included little cards in their invitations saying that, if the attendee would like, bro and sis suggest they bring a children's book for the kids and write something on the inside cover to them! I totally love that idea!! I mean, they definitely need other baby supplies, but i just thought it was really sweet I may get them a copy of one of my favorite books when i was little
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