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Thread: Laurel Alena?

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    Laurel Alena?

    Lately I've been thinking about using one of my middle names rather than taking on a brand new name.

    The one in mind is Laurel.

    - elle sound at the ending
    - My grandfather is fond of the name
    - It's already legally mine, therefore I already feel partial to it
    - Nicknames of Ari, and Elle.
    - L initial

    - Only two syllables
    - Also my great-aunt's name, who I'm named for. Which takes away from the personal feeling
    - I'm not sure it particularly fits me
    - Has a bit of a boring air and feel to it I think.

    The combos in mind are:
    Laurel Alena Charlotte V.
    Laurel Ashleigh Charlotte V.
    Laurel Lesley Charlotte V.
    Laurel Aubrey Charlotte V.

    Laurel Alena has been me running favourite for a while now, thoughts?
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    I adore Laurel! I think out of the ones you listed I like it paired with Aubrey the most.
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    I really do love Laurel! The name feels like (and this will sound corny and probably not make much sense): a child wandering through a forest.

    It feels fresh and pure. I think of a summer sunrise between the trees. Laurel is really a stunning name!

    I like Laurel Alena best.

    Some suggestions:

    Laurel Aviva (meaning springlike, fresh, dewy.) I think Aviva livens up Laurel. I really love Laurel Aviva Charlotte.

    Also, you mentioned that you share a name with your great-aunt. I also like name connections. When you stop to think about how they lived their life and the things that they've gone through, you don't feel so alone. The world has a way of bringing you to your knees. So when I hear the name I share with my grandmother, I feel a lot stronger. As though nothing could bring me down. Try as they may. Just a thought.

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