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Thread: Jareth

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    I love the movie The Labyrinth, and I always liked Jareth as a name. I have seen this name only once on a girl. I really like it for one WDYT? I was thinking maybe Jareth Victoria?
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    I love that movie, too! I love Jareth for boys, but I think it might work for a girl. Jareth Victoria is cute.

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    I don't hate it, but I don't really like it either. I know a little boy with the name. I think I like it better for a boy because it sounds more masculine and reminds me of Jared.

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    I can see the appeal but I can't see it being used.

    Jareth is uber masculine from my perspective. It has a nice sound and it seems to resemble Edith or Braith in a way. But then there is it's similarities to Gareth and Jared.

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    Jareth looks all boyish to me, as previous posters have said. I do, however, know a girl named Cherith ("CHAIR-ith," place name in the Bible), which sounds similar and has more of a feminine feel.

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