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    River or Ry for a boy

    Just looking for some feedback:
    We are tossing up between the names River or Ry for our baby boy. We love them both equally and are having a hard time deciding which one. Just wondering what others prefer, and why?
    (His older brother is Finn)

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    River. I love this on a boy.
    Ry always feels misspelled to me like it's supposed to say Rye and then I think on whisky. And while rye-whisky and rye-grains are great I'm not sure that's something I'd want to associate my child with. Ry as a nn for Ryan or Rylan totally works for me though.
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    River - it's been my top name for quite along time.
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    I love River. Ryan seems like a nickname to me.

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    I really love River. Ry is too short for my liking.

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