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    Quote Originally Posted by munchkin227 View Post
    I was watching an episode of A Baby Story this morning and there was a little girl named Jonni (named after her dad, John). What do you think of Jonni for a girl? What middle names would you pair with it?
    I know a girl named Johnni and one of my friend's former mentor was named Johnna...and I know a Jonna myself.

    I can't say I partically care for it, but I suppose it could be worse. It's just when you hear "Johnny!!!!", you picture a little boy, and with so many spelling variations that are used nowadays, I would think that Johnni could be/could be mistaken for either a boy or a girl. The boys' nn Johnny honestly sounds sweetly soft itself as well. Could be confusing. That being said, the Johnni I went to school with frequently had problems with teachers/subs taking attendance and automatically looking for a boy to raise his hand. I really think the sentiment behind situations like you mentioned (little girl being named after dad) is sweet, but in this case, I would prefer Johnna/Jonna.

    I think that a really feminine or at least an unmistakingly female name would work best as a nn.

    Jonni Arabella
    Jonni Mae
    Jonni Michelle
    ....something along those lines perhaps?
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    Jonni is a gorgeous, fun name for a baby girl! And a lovely way to honour a John

    I'd opt for a more feminine middle name maybe something like:
    Jonni Odette
    Jonni Meredith
    Jonni Hazel
    Jonni Alice
    Jonni Patrice
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    Jonni (pronounced Johnny) is not my style for a girl. If I were going to try to honor a John that way, I would use Joni (pronounced Joan- ee) as in Joni Mitchell. That said with Jonni, as with any unisex girls first name, I would use a very feminine middle name. In this case, I would also go with a classic name.

    Jonni Elizabeth
    Jonni Catherine
    Jonni Victoria
    Jonni Caroline
    Jonni Elinor
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    I know a Jonni, who is in her 70s now. She was also named after her father, and strongly disliked her name. I'm not a fan, as it just isn't even unisex. It'd be a great nn for Joanne, Johanna, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    I think there are so many beautiful feminizations of John that Jonni falls waaaay short. It would need a very feminine middle name, IMO.

    I prefer Joni (jo-nee) to Jonni, or even many other feminine forms of John!
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