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    Opinions on a name

    I was watching an episode of A Baby Story this morning and there was a little girl named Jonni (named after her dad, John). What do you think of Jonni for a girl? What middle names would you pair with it?

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    I think there are so many beautiful feminizations of John that Jonni falls waaaay short. It would need a very feminine middle name, IMO.
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    I think Jonni is a cute nickname but you could definitely give her a more special, formal name...such as Jonquil or Johanna.

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    I think Jonni is SUPER cute! I think it could work on its own (as in Joni Erickson Tada, a Christian author and radio host). Middle names are a bit tough, but here are some ideas:

    Jonni Jade
    Jonni Beatrix
    Jonni Rose
    Jonni Annora
    Jonni Adeline
    Jonni Louise

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    I dislike it and would prefer to see Gianna, Johnna / Johna, Joan, Joanna, Joanne, Jana, Johanna, Johana... The list goes on and on.

    Oops! Forgot middles...

    Jonni Bea
    Jonni Violet
    Jonni Claire
    Jonni Willow
    Jonni Amber
    Jonni June
    Jonni Eliza
    Jonni Marlo

    Nothing spectacular but I think Violet balances it well.
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