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    My friends hate my naming obsessions...

    ...So, I came here.

    Seriously, I rename my future children I may never have (I'm twenty three, so I'm getting up there) at least every three months. I rename myself on the internet even more often (daily at times).

    For a while, my future kids were Indigo Dahlia ♀ (which I'm now thinking is too childish for actual use...) and Soren Irving ♂ (I still like this one).

    My current name obsession for a girl is Maude (nickname: Maudie). It's just so amazing! It's short, simple, and the mold is just flaking off! Unfortunately, my mother says "Every mule in the field is named Maude." (She has a similar saying for Bessie the cow. I had a Great Great Grandmother named Bessie Maude.) Anyone have suggestions for a middle name? I like Cordelia (Cor-Deh-Lia, not Cor-Deel-Yah), Coralie, and the general idea of Cora- names for it, but I'm open to any suggestion. (I want my baby names picked out way in advance, so I don't have pregnancy brain and try for a name that sounds ridiculous, like Fishbowl Valentine Deluxe, or something.)

    I also like to name characters I use for various purposes (writing, general art, ect). Most recent name was Poppy Reynard (a bunny fox hybrid character).

    Also, moderators, I wasn't sure where to put this, so feel free to move it to where it SHOULD go (not that you need my permission, but... xD).

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    Okay, never mind...

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    Maude is so sweet--I was just thinking of it the other day! My current name crush is Mab, and I was thinking of all the similar names: Maeve, Midge, Madge, Mavis, Maude. Personally though, I love the idea of just using Maudie as a given name; vintage nickname names are coming back in, from what I hear. Middle name ideas:

    Maude Eleanor
    Maude Adelaide
    Maude Aliette
    Maude Paulina
    Maude Winifred
    Maude Marjorie
    Maude Emmerett
    Maude Winola
    Maude Capitolia (<<Capitolia was on an old gravestone behind my childhood church...loving it for a middle name lately)

    Good luck! Sorry your post got overlooked! You'll get more attention if you post in the Girls' Names section.

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    For Maude, I'd use a longer, slightly more popular middle name to balance out the one syllable vintageness.

    Maude Isabella
    Maude Olivia
    Maude Francesca
    Maude Victoria
    Maude Caroline
    Maude Catherine
    Maude Elizabeth
    Maude Amelia

    Anna Katherine * Lydia Ellen * Zoe Madeleine * Phoebe ___ * Imogen ___ * Emilia ___
    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    This one's my favorite out of what you two posted. Thank you for responding to my thread! I was getting nervous. xD

    I really love the name Adelaide, too, and Addie is the name of the lil' old lady who lives near me (she's amazing. She bungee jumped in New Zealand with the past few years!).

    Is it possible to get a moderator to move this to the Girl subforum?

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