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    My friends hate my naming obsessions...

    ...So, I came here.

    Seriously, I rename my future children I may never have (I'm twenty three, so I'm getting up there) at least every three months. I rename myself on the internet even more often (daily at times).

    For a while, my future kids were Indigo Dahlia ♀ (which I'm now thinking is too childish for actual use...) and Soren Irving ♂ (I still like this one).

    My current name obsession for a girl is Maude (nickname: Maudie). It's just so amazing! It's short, simple, and the mold is just flaking off! Unfortunately, my mother says "Every mule in the field is named Maude." (She has a similar saying for Bessie the cow. I had a Great Great Grandmother named Bessie Maude.) Anyone have suggestions for a middle name? I like Cordelia (Cor-Deh-Lia, not Cor-Deel-Yah), Coralie, and the general idea of Cora- names for it, but I'm open to any suggestion. (I want my baby names picked out way in advance, so I don't have pregnancy brain and try for a name that sounds ridiculous, like Fishbowl Valentine Deluxe, or something.)

    I also like to name characters I use for various purposes (writing, general art, ect). Most recent name was Poppy Reynard (a bunny fox hybrid character).

    Also, moderators, I wasn't sure where to put this, so feel free to move it to where it SHOULD go (not that you need my permission, but... xD).

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