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    Inspired but Dead

    Hello berries out there reading this. I warn you now, I may be asking for something extremely picky or my post may seem grouchy. So, I had the biggest, most random flash of inspiration today. I was riding an amusement thing called the Cha-Cha by myself (because my friends had ditched me) and BAM! I got an idea...since I feel dead at the moment I need some help. So, somehow I connected fun amusement with "You got two minutes until death" (I don't even think I can explain that). I need names for my two protagonists. The heroine she is an aristocratic girl of wealth and fortune. She's headstrong but obdient. She's energetic yet lethargic. She's complicated and very angry with how unfair the world is. Then there's the hero; he's her "guardian angel". He's not very angelic at all...
    So! I need names. I immiedately thought Pearl or Mavis for the girl but I don't like of them enough to use them. I have no idea what I want for the boy. I'm thinking something odd or ironic...or something....I can't think. Thank you for reading, even more thanks if you reply.

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    For the girl:

    For the boy:

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    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    how about Elizabeth nn Lizzie/Beth for the girl, and Percy for the boy?

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    “I read books when I was a kid, lots of books. Books always seemed like magic to me. They took you to the most amazing places. When I got older, I realized I couldn't find books that took me to all the places I wanted to go. To go to those places, I had to write some books myself.”
    ― Pat Murphy, The Wild Girls

    "Like everyone else, I am going to die. But the words – the words live on..."
    ― J. Michael Straczynski

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