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Thread: Need a middle

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    Need a middle

    Hubby and I like the name Jade. We just can't decide on a middle name. The last name will be Nowicki. Are son is Slade Lee. Thought Slade & Jade would be cute together. Just need HELP with middle name.

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    I'd look for something else. Slade and Jade together is a bit too cutesy-rhymey. I already mix up the names of my two, I couldn't imagine how much more frequently I'd mix them up if the two names rhymed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    I'd look for something else. Slade and Jade together is a bit too cutesy-rhymey.
    I agree with this. What about using Jade as a middle?
    Good luck!
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    catloverd Guest
    I think Slade and Jade are too close for siblings, but whatever floats your boat I guess (I have nieces named Nora and Nina, too close!)

    Some suggestions:

    Jade Alexandra
    Jade Elizabeth
    Jade Catherine
    Jade Rosaline
    Jade Madeline
    Jade Caroline
    Jade Emmaline
    Jade Annabelle
    Jade Rosalie
    Jade Victoria
    Jade Vivian
    Jade Liliosa
    Jade Isabella
    Jade Genevieve
    Jade Georgina
    Jade Naomi
    Jade Madison
    Jade Penelope
    Jade Regina
    Jade Samantha

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    Like Catloverd, I think a multisyllable name would go nicely with Jade:

    Jade Amelia
    Jade Leonora

    I also second her suggestions of Jade Alexandra or Jade Victoria

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