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    It might be a little weird to have both of your R boys with a y in their first names as well but I prefer Rhys over Reece - the later always reminds me of Reese's Pieces and my friends dog. Also the Rh- feels more masculine to me than the three e's.
    That is exactly how I feel about Reece/Rhys!

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    i've been thinking about this a little and I like catlovered's suggestion of Landon Rhys. This way the Rlan/Rhys similarity on paper is fairly mute and the combo is still great. (I got too into Rhys Landon earlier to be able to make sense of it the other way around).
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    Given the names of your other children, I'd choose Grant. Perhaps Grant Maddox or Grant Ezra

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    My favorite from your list is Rhys, but I do think it is too similar to Rylan to be usable (and Rhys is definitely my favorite spelling, even though I used Rees for my own son's MN because this is how my great grandpa spelled his name). As such, I'd choose Rhys as the MN instead. My second favorite from your list is Grant, however Grant Rhys doesn't work well together. So I'd probably end up going with Grant Ezra or Ezra Grant. Landon is definitely my least favorite from your options, and I don't like Maddox much either.


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