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    Quote Originally Posted by shieldsc View Post
    I like Maddox the best with your sibset. Maddox Rhys is my favorite combo.
    Agreed. It is a very handsome name.

    I also dont think Landon should be used as a first name because Ry-LAN and LAN-don have the same kinda sound, just my opinion.
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    catloverd Guest
    My favorite combinations are:

    Noah Landon
    Ezra Rhys
    Ezra Grant
    Landon Rhys

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    I like Ezra, Landon, and Grant with your other kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamacasey2009 View Post
    Do you feel I should use Reece is I were to use it as a first name? Ezra Grant was his name for a few days
    It might be a little weird to have both of your R boys with a y in their first names as well but I prefer Rhys over Reece - the later always reminds me of Reese's Pieces and my friends dog. Also the Rh- feels more masculine to me than the three e's.
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    I like Noah Grant or Ezra Grant best. Rhys & Rylan look very matchy on paper, though they sound completely different, however, Reece makes me think of chocolate & peanut butter. Yummy! I like the Rhys spelling better.
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