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    Just a 16 year old girl obsessed with names and naming things not yet here.

    Alice Jayne | Azalea Juliet | Charlotte Ophelia
    Elizabeth Blythe | Poppy Artemis

    Archer William | Henry Tobias | Leo Alexander
    Rowan Elijah | Theodore Michael

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    Jun 2012

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    Feb 2013
    DW: Caroline Kate
    DH: Emmett Simon

    Birth One: (G/G) Charlotte Wren and Sasha Lily - Charlotte and Sasha

    Birth Two: (B/G) Maisie Rose and James William - Maisie and James

    Birth Three: (B/B/B) Cameron Finn, August Joseph, and Gabriel Everett - Cam, Gus, and Gabe

    Birth Four: (B/G) Leo Noah and Calla Grace - Leo and Calla/Callie

    Birth Five: (B/G) Hadley Flora and Ethan Thames - Hadley and Ethan

    Birth Six: (G) Brooke Elowen

    The Carmichaels-

    Caroline, Emmett, Charlotte, Sasha, Maisie, James, Cam, Gus, Gabe, Leo, Calla/Callie, Hadley, Ethan, Brooke

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    Jul 2012
    DH: Adam Daniel
    DW: Lillia Ivy

    Birth One:
    B: Gage Hudson

    Birth Two:
    B: Lachlan Oliver

    Birth Three:
    B/B/G: Noah Archer & Simon Finn & Emma Hadley

    Birth Four:
    B/B: Parker Dylan & Ryder Cole

    Birth Five:
    B/G: Jordan Wilder & Dahlia Jade

    Birth Six:
    G: Calla Wren

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    LN: Carmichael

    DW: Caroline Rose (Carrie)
    DH: William Jay (Will)

    Birth One: Kate Magnolia

    Birth Two: Emma Charlotte

    Birth Three: James Archer, Leo Daniel & Gavin Oliver

    Birth Four: Ethan Graham

    Birth Five: Grace Clementine & Violet Annabel

    Birth Six: Callum Lucas

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