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    5th baby, wanted unusual, greek mythical, starting with Q or the meaning of 5

    Hi there, we have rare names for our Kids. Now with 28 week pregnancy it's getting time to find a nice name for our 5th baby (4th girl).

    Plessers, if you reply do put some white space in the letters, so relatives can not Google for the new name.

    This are our names for our kids:
    X.. an..the (girl)
    C.. yb..ele (girl)
    C.. alli ..ste (girl), unfortunately still Born after 40 weeks
    C..ass ..iël (boy)

    So no top ten names for us ;-)
    We are looking for a girl name. We like the greek mythological names, but I also like for instance a name like Quintia or a correlation with the letter five. She is our 5th child, only you see four of them. The names ophira and elike are no options for is (we have tought about this names for our 3rd girl)

    I am curious to hear your suggestions.
    PLEASE DO NOT WRITE DOWN THE NAMES OF OUR FIRST 4 kids, because we have some very curious relatives and friends who would like to know the name already.

    Thank you already for your input. Thanks to this site we have found the names of our last two childs!

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