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    Alexander, Xander, and Zander

    I really like Alexander, but hate the nickname Alex because it's so popular. I like the nickname Xander/Zander... but I have questions on pronunciation/spelling!

    Are Xander and Zander pronounced the same?

    is it too weird?

    Will everyone pronounce Xander incorrectly?

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    I would pronounce them the same.

    Some people have a weird habit of pronouncing X's though. I doubt it would be a regular problem I think Zander/Xander is a pretty common/accepted nickname.

    I also really like the nn Ander for Alexander. And there's also Zane/Xane--but that would have the same problem.
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    I honestly love the name Alexander but everyone on here says it's too popular. Alexander is a family name, it was my great father's name and my little cousin is also an Alexander and I will give one of my son's it as a middle name. I don't think there is any need for Alexander to have a nickname as I prefer it in it's full glory. My little cousin is always either called Alexander, Pip (a family nickname that was given to him when he was a baby) or Sache (Like Sasha but without the A) but Alexander by children at school and adults. I personally don't like the nickname Zander or Xander at all, too me they just sound trendy.

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    I know an Alexander that goes by Lec, which is unique and unexpected, but works.

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    I love the nickname Xander, and yes - Xander and Zander are pronounced the same. Some people will be familiar with Xander because of Buffy, and I think at this point most everyone has at least heard the name Xander and would know how to pronounce it.

    Xander is right outside the top 200 as of 2011. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the top 200 when the 2012 stats are released.

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