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    Alice Helena is simply gorgeous. I don't think it matters if neighbour kids share your kids name. Who knows how long they'll even live near you.

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    I wouldn't worry a wink about a neighbor's kids having similar names! They could move, you could move, etc. If it isn't family or even a best friend, I wouldn't worry....

    I like Alice. I do really love Saoirse even more but the problem I have with it is that unless your a name junkie or Irish you would have NO clue how to pronounce it by just looking at it. It looks like "say-ores". I do love the way it sounds once pronounced though, I just have to point out the reality of mispronunciations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngeverett View Post
    My husband and I are expecting our third child, a girl, in early June. We are already parents to two boys, Henry Oliver and George Parker. We were all set on naming our daughter Alice Helena, but a few weeks ago new neighbors moved into our building and guess what their daughters' names are? Alice and Helen. What are the odds? So I started to rethink our daughter's name. What do you all think? Alice Helena or Saoirse Helena?
    Ah no, that's such bad luck! Alice Helen is a charmingly vintage combination, that works with Henry Oliver and George Parker. It's such a shame that you've had a Alice and Helen in the same family move into the neighbourhood. They're defiantly going to think you've nicked their daughter's names when your daughter is born. I think Alice Helena is lovely (I prefer Helena too Helen, I actually dislike Helen but she works well with Alice, whereas I love Helena) but too similar again. Saoirse is lovely Irish classic with a beautiful meaning 'freedom', Saoirse is a fresh choice. Yet she doesn't work with Henry Oliver and George Parker which are both such traditional British sounding classics. You need a name like that to go with Henry and George.
    Suggestions surrounding Helena and Alice:
    Helena Alys -
    Helena Alys, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Elise Helena -
    Elise Helena, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Alicia Helen (a-liss-ee-ah) -
    Alicia Helen, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Alison Helena -
    Alison Helena, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Other suggestions:
    Eloise Claire -
    Eloise Claire, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Rebekah Jane -
    Rebekah Jane, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Dorothy Rose -
    Dorothy Rose, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Alexandra Elspeth -
    Alexandra Elspeth, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Blythe Scarlett -
    Blythe Scarlett, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Rachel Cecilia -
    Rachel Cecilia, Henry Oliver & George Parker

    Hope this helped x

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    Keep your original idea! They will not be your neighbors forever, and your favorite original name will be yours forever.

    Also, how often are you planning on calling her both Alice and Helena? Rarely, if ever?

    Worst comes to worse there will be 2 little Alices playing in the yard who happen to share the same first name.
    Best case scenario: Big Alice will take greatly to Little Alice (because of their special connection) and they will become a great duo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannebella View Post
    I think Alice goes a lot better with classic Henry and George. I think you should keep Alice but reconsider the middle name. Good luck!
    i completely agree with this part of this statement.

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