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    I thought I was certain about my daughter's name, but now I'm not so sure. Help!

    My husband and I are expecting our third child, a girl, in early June. We are already parents to two boys, Henry Oliver and George Parker. We were all set on naming our daughter Alice Helena, but a few weeks ago new neighbors moved into our building and guess what their daughters' names are? Alice and Helen. What are the odds? So I started to rethink our daughter's name. What do you all think? Alice Helena or Saoirse Helena?

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    What a coincidence! I honestly prefer Saoirse but I think Alice goes a lot better with classic Henry and George. I think you should keep Alice but reconsider the middle name. Good luck!

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    I think Alice is adorable!

    for some reason saoirse always sounds like I am mispronouncing another name. I dont dislike it in theory but it just doesnt sounds quite tight coming out...

    I wouldnt worry about some new neighbors kid having the same name unless YOU care. You may never become friends or they or you could move at any point! I would change a name that I like just because I met someone new with the same name!

    Hope it all works out!
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    I love Alice Helena with your other two names - I think it fits much better than Saoirse (I love that name, too, but it seems like a big departure in your style).

    I totally understand the frustration of having a name you love and then encountering someone with it! I've loved the name Maeve for a long time and a mom who goes to toddler storytime at the library just named her newborn that - grr! I don't think Alice is a name like Sophia or Isabella in terms of popularity, but it's certainly a name you could expect to encounter somewhere, so it wouldn't be that unusual to have two in one grade-school class, say, or even a building.

    Are you planning to live there forever? Are these people going to be in your lives for years and years? Are the girls close in age to your children/daughter? I wouldn't be too hasty to reject Alice until you've had time to think it through.

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    Oh keep Alice! It goes so sweetly with Henry and George. As backtomyroots said, they/you could move, and you might never see them. Also, your daughters won't be the same age. I really wouldn't let go of my favorite name because of it.
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