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    grecianern Guest
    Keep it.
    It's a beautiful name and makes a truly wonderful sib set.

    And the first thing I thought was - are you friends? will you all live together forever? If it comes up again, or your hubby talks to them, comment on how wonderful their daughters' names are and how you've had your daughter named for so long.

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    Keep it! It's a very pretty name. Or, maybe, if you like the name but want to change it a bit so it doesn't seem so similar, here are some suggestions.

    Alice Eleanor (just a side note—this one is my favorite )
    Alice Elena
    Alice Elizabeth
    Alice Ella
    Alice Helene
    Alice Ellen
    Alice Elaine

    Here are some possible ways to change Alice:


    BUT BUT BUT. I really prefer Alice with Henry and George, plus Alice is so much prettier than all of those other names. So really, my whole point is that I think you should stick with Alice. I don't mind if you change the middle name, though.
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    I'd almost say your neighbors daughters are a sign of how awesome your original combo was and that you should keep it.
    Henry, George and Alice is such an amazing combo of classic yet fresh names you just have to go for it.
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    Keep it, Alice Helena is absolutely beautiful and fits your other children's names well.

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    Absolutely keep Alice, it is a beautiful name and goes very well with George and Henry. If you feel the need to change anything, change the middle name - I would suggest Alice Eleanor like peacelovepurple said.

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