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    I don't find them too close at all. I actually don't think they sound very good together. They seem completely mismatched in style.

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    Coming from a family where my parents decided to name my sister and I Whitney & Brittany (Thanks, Mom & Dad :P), I can see where the concern comes from naming kids similar things. However, in this case, I think that Samuel and Sebastian are super cute and not too similar

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    I'm going in with the voice of dissent here. I think they're too close, but admittedly, I am anti-same first initial siblings. There are two issues, imo, one that same initials in siblings sounds cheesy (my opinion obviously) and two, what if you have another child? Do you have to use the same first initial for the third child? If you don't, will that child feel left out?

    Oh, and a third issue, other people may not be able to keep them straight. My friend has all J-children, and I cannot keep straight who is who when she talks about them. The first initial may be their only connection, but it is a very strong connection.
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    The only similarity is the first letter, they're not too close at all. If having two children with the same initial doesn't bother you, then I say it's totally fine.

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    I don't think they are too similar, but if you added another S name (Samuel, Sebastian and Stella for example, or Samuel, Sebastian and Simon) then I think you'd be in theme territory.

    I know a family who has a Claire, a Cameron and a Courtney. When I greet all 3 children at once, I feel as though I am trying to list as many C names as I can all at once.

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