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    I know a lil HUG and realised quickly that all of the other vowel middle names would be out as HOG HAG HIG and HEG aren't very nice

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    Super cute! I love when initials spell something and CAT would be awesome!
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    I agree, unless it's inappropriate, I wouldn't be concerned with what the initials spell.
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    Initials are sort of important, because other kids seem to have a cruel obsession with trying to find that one kid with the initials PIG or FAT, but CAT is fine because it doesn't have any kind of bad meaning. It's good of you to actually consider this before giving the name to your baby, I knew a girl named Tiffany Ilene Thompson which caused her a lot of problems in seventh grade (she has since changed her name). What's important is not whether the initials spell something, but what they spell. I think most little girls would like having CAT in their initials!

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