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    Dixie needs a new name!!!!! Help!

    Ok so let me explain a few things before I lose the nerve to do this.
    I have been working on my book for a good three years now and I'm not close to half way yet.
    I'm in highschool and it has been hard for me to find the mind set and place to write more than 100 or more in a single sitting.
    I'm VERY ADHD....on meds. So I will get super focused sometimes and came be really productive but if I get distracted in between or interrupted it talks a long time for me to get in my tunnel focus again. Hence the book Isn't finished.
    I'm calling this a mid book naming crises.

    Nuf said on that, now about Dixie and a little bit about her...
    Dixie is quiet, sweet, gentle, shy, a deep thinker, kind, selfless, and protective of things she loves.
    She is quite similar to Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.
    Dixie lives in the future.....the year 5000 to be exact.

    She is one MC out of Four teens that have to save their world...blah, blah ,blah. All you need to know for that..It's a secret.
    My issue with Dixie's name is that it sticks out too much from the others and a boy in the four teens is named, Dion which clashes too much and I don't want to confuse the reader with the similarity in their names.

    My ideas for her new name are something like:

    Cora - Really like this one
    Elaine -
    Inga - or Ingrid
    Sally -
    Mae - or May
    Mabel -
    Britta -
    Emmy -
    I'd love to hear what you Berries think of my ideas and many new suggestions
    Thank you soo much
    17 year old name lover, aspiring writer & hopeful cosmetologist/makeup artist

    Girls - Meredith, Leal, Aviva, Camilla, Magnolia, Loretta, Mona, Gabby, Tullia, Veronica
    Eliana, Ruby, Georgia, Esther, Ginny

    Boys - Frank, Soren, Troy, Wes, Sebastian, George, Dawson, James, Loren,
    Cameron, Lincoln, Kirby, Yannick, Levi.

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