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    My favorites are Atticus and Hugo. Both sound great with Zelda! Good luck! I like Atticus Viggo as a combo or Hugo Leif.
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    I love Zelda Astrid! From your list, my favorite name is Hugo. Maybe Hugo Frey or Hugo Alrik?
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    Ottilie & Shieldsc- many thanks for praising Zelda Astrid's name set. Hubby will be proud, he was the originator

    Intensive brainstorming session ended with some fixed sets, yet to consider, rate and recombine. Long way to go:roll:!

    - Magnus Leif
    - Huxley Soren / Huxley Leif / Huxley Mads (I just can't help it, I love love the name Huxley)
    - Hugo Soren / Hugo Leif (Hugo Mads isn't that good, don't you think?)

    Salinger is definitely out. Doesn't fit Zelda and is too long to combine with our 3-syllabe surname. The same problem is, unfortunately, with Atticus. We said it aloud plenty of times and we're sure that we need something short and powerful. Two syllabes would be the best.

    We still have a strange feeling that something is missing. As if preparing our list and narrowing it down we overlooked some options.

    Your help is priceless. Could you remember about us and drop any ideas that cross your mind?

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    I like Magnus Leif best of the ones you've got up there.

    I am going to give you some names I think would suit Zelda, with literary ties (that your husband might like):
    Amory (from This Side of Paradise¨by mr FSF)
    Beckett (as in Samuel...)
    Faulkner (as in William...)
    Franz (as in Kafka...)
    Gilmour (from Stonemouth by Iain Banks)
    Lucas (from Light in August by William Faulkner)
    Maxwell (middle name of J. M. Coetzee)
    Molloy (from Molloy by Samuel Beckett)
    Monroe (from The Love of the Last Tycoon by FSF)
    Nathan (from American Pastoral by Philip Roth)
    Quentin (from The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner)
    Truman (as in Capote...)
    Zachary (from Franny & Zooey by Salinger)
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    Hugo gets my vote

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