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    Zelda Astrid is about the cutest name ever! I love Hugo and Magnus from your list, I think they would be great with Zelda. Atticus and Gideon too. I'm not over the moon crazy about Salinger and Huxley, as pp said, it's very obvious names (they also feel quite American) and might be seen as quite pretentious here.

    I like Atticus Mads and Hugo Mads the most.

    Other Danish names: Villads, Mikkel, Aksel, Jesper.

    (I also think Silas, Edgar, Bertram and Ronald are fantastic with Zelda!)
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    Hugo and Zelda sound perfect!

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    I think Zelda and Hugo go the best together but I also really like Magnus and Gideon. I have always love the Scandinavian names Egor and Egon. Egor means warrior archer and Egon means little fire.

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    I love Magnus with Zelda, both are such evocative names! Atticus, Huxley and Salinger are a bit too obviously literary. Hugo is nice, and I have no problem with Gideon, but they are perhaps a little dull when compared to Zelda. Magnus Leif would be charming.

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    Thanks for all your replies|! You're wonderful. Well, summarizing your comments, it seems you share my doubts. You noticed shortcomings in the same names which we evaluatedas 'weaker'.
    - Magnus - we love it, but Magnus with M...sen surname is risky idea, I must agree
    - Gideon - we discussed this double n-ending and had some doubts too. But we still like it. Still, isn't it to weak compared to Zelda?
    - Salinger - ranks the last place on our list due to some kind of weakness. I feel it does not stand in one row with Zelda. But husband likes it.

    I have to explain - my hubby is professor of contemporary literature. It was really a hard battle to throw tons of other literary names from our list.

    I just had a lovely long Skype conversation with my in-laws, who were very happy to hear an idea of scandinavian middle name. They added some more options: Soren, Henning, Eero and Stellan. And my father-in-law's name is Roald, which I also find great.

    Oh, and I just received a message from my hubby saying 'Nolan?. Sawyer??' What do you think?

    And any more suggestions will be warmly welcomed
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