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  • Delilah Irwin

    64 47.41%
  • Xanthe Irwin

    41 30.37%
  • Artemis Irwin

    34 25.19%
  • Lark Irwin

    39 28.89%
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    I do think Delilah Lark is a bit of a tongue twister. Id' go with something like Delilah Wren, Delilah Sage, Delilah Bay, Delilah Arbor or Delilah Arden instead. I'm glad you're leaning toward Delilah, though. I would have suggested Xanthe or Delilah. Iris and Lark feel too matchy hippie-nature-y and Iris and Artemis sound fairly similar to me with their vowel+R beginnings and -is endings.

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    We're definitely set on Delilah. Thank you SO much everyone.

    n.b. the family Delilah is my husband's cousin once removed (second family for his grandfather so even more removed) and I've just realised we have not seen her for at least ten years. Gorgeous girl though! There are four Peters on that side of the family (grandfather, grandfather's cousin, two grandsons) so maybe it is not such a big deal to them. Though obviously Peter is a much blander name than Delilah.

    I might set up another thread as do need help with a middle name and maybe people are bored of this link by now! I think Lark is so pretty in the middle (particularly taken with the sonnet 23 link which never fails to make me joyful) but there are a lot of Ls.

    It think it needs to be one syllable. Pearl was an option we toyed with early on as a first name but the 'earl' sound in Pearl and Irwin isn't ideal.

    Wren and Bay were on our list too ages ago but I wonder if "Delilah Bay" sounds like a place.

    Anyway, any top one syllable suggestions gratefully received. Not Rose though. Think we've all had enough of Rose in the middle, pretty as it is!

    RE middles - do you agree that it needs to be a different syllable count from the other two names? e.g. 3 syllables (Delilah), 1 syllable (Lark), 2 syllables (Irwin)? With Delilah Irwin I guess we could either have 1 syllable or 4 syllables (mouthful? but then how often do you say the name?)

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    Just coming back to this post to tell you, if anyone is still following, that my husband got cold feet on Delilah at the last minute so our 5 week old baby is Xanthe Lark. Really pleased with it in the end.

    Thank you all so much for your help!

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    Xanthe Lark is lovely! Congratulations.

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