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  • Delilah Irwin

    64 47.41%
  • Xanthe Irwin

    41 30.37%
  • Artemis Irwin

    34 25.19%
  • Lark Irwin

    39 28.89%
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    Thanks everyone! Really interesting re your feelings on the various names and great that there are champions for them all. Obviously I like them all so it is with some regret that I have to make a decision.

    I think we're probably going to go for Delilah despite the negative role model.

    I've had a really quick look at the bible story (will look into it more) and I can kind of convince myself she's been maligned. She's not necessarily a prostitute at all. She did take money for spying on Samson (a honey trapper) but then she might have been a Philistine and thus doing the right thing by her people. Anyway - it's more of a story which suggests an interesting woman (we don't know why she did what she did) rather than an out and out baddie in the vein of Salome.

    Is Delilah Lark Irwin too many "L" sounds if we were to use it for a middle name? I think Delilah demands a 1 syllable middle with her 2 syllable surname.

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    I really like Xanthe with Iris. I think having 2 Delilah's would be too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    Wow, I really like Lark.

    Lark is spunky and strong (I love short names) and yet very feminine. I love it. I find this name actually very tame considering Xanthe, Artemis, and Delilah. You have a bunch of very romantic ancient ladies and then a bright nature name which to me, fits much better with Iris than any of the others.
    I agree. To me, Lark is the perfect name to go with Iris.
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    I voted for Artemis Irwin and Lark Irwin, because they're both gorgeous combos that stood out to me. I love the nickname option of Mimi for Artemis..

    Xanthe Irwin was ok. You wouldn't go wrong with it. But I just think Artemis and Lark have more character to them.

    About Delilah Irwin, while it is pretty, I would not like to share a name with a relative. I don't see the point when there are literally hundreds of other names.. Especially when you have other pretty options like Artemis and Lark.

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    I like Lark the best with Iris. Though if you have decided on Delilah I think it's great to include your Hubby's favorite name too. Delilah Lark might be a little L heavy but, it's nothing your daughter couldn't handle.
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