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  • Delilah Irwin

    64 47.41%
  • Xanthe Irwin

    41 30.37%
  • Artemis Irwin

    34 25.19%
  • Lark Irwin

    39 28.89%
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    Please vote: Wildly different baby names & a month to go...

    OK, so I've got just over a month left to delivery date and we've been through every name in the world it seems... And most of our choices are wildly different from one another (probably his/hers naming styles being different and only a few names being acceptable to both).

    Initially we were trying to find a name with a consonant ending to work better with our vowel surname but gave up!

    Here are the contenders - would you please vote and if you have time tell me why you chose what you did?

    Delilah Irwin (I've long loved this name. But how bad is the dodgy biblical namesake connotation? Don't care about the song.)
    Xanthe Irwin (I adore this - the 2 syllables, the meaning, it matches elder daughter's name (Iris). Husband not keen, might persuade him.)
    Artemis Irwin (This was set then we had cold feet: Is it pretentious? Nickname would be Mimi)
    Lark Irwin (Husband loves. I don't like the lack of history and slightly too alternative feel.)

    (ps Using Delilah might provoke a bit of a tempest in a teacup as it is the name of my husband's half-aunt's 15 year old daughter. Ie both my baby Delilah and that Delilah share a late grandfather)

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