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    Middle Name Needed for Rory

    We have definitely decided to name our little girl (due in 6 weeks) Rory. For this spunky unisex name, I'd like something for the middle that says "girl." We think we'd like to use a name with a family tie, but we don't have the best choices available! The two middles we would consider are Claire (my MN) and Violet (my grandma's name). Please state your preference between those two choices and/or throw out some other ideas. Our last name starts with M and is two syllables.

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    Rory Violet flows better, can also use variations like Violetta, Viola (which i dislike, its an instrument), maybe even go for Lavender or Clarissa, Clarice, & Clara

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    I disagree with the others and find Rory Claire "Martin" to have better flow. The repeated two-syllables of Rory Violet Martin isn't too bad, but I don't know, the single syllable Clare breaks it up nicely.

    I think your best option would be middle name with at least three syllables, actually, and four would be ideal.

    Rory Alexandra, Rory Seraphina, Rory Mariana, Rory Violetta (as a PP suggested).

    Rory Violetta Martin is perfect. Honours your mum, but has better flow than "Rory Violet," I think.

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