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    Nominations - Proposed "Dated Names" Tournament

    Since the recently completed tournament where I had members nominate ideas and then eliminate them in a tournament format was a success, I've decided to do another similar tournament but with another theme: Names which are more common on a past generation which aren't as popular now but you think would still work nicely on a modern baby. Mention your ideas for the "Dated Names" tournament, and the ideas with the most nominations (and then my own picks from the remaining ideas) will be used to fill the roster. I haven't finalized the size yet, but unlike last time I'll probably be running a separate competition for each gender concurrently (combined into a single thread in the later rounds once poll space allows). Since a week or so from now will be a busy time for us name-enthusiasts, I'll probably let this thread run until sometime after that (unless the SSA once again delays the release until the next week, in which case I may go ahead and start it the weekend before).

    So, what "retro" ideas do you have?

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